Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bailout of Big Three


During the House hearing Wednesday, Rep. Brad Sherman, D-Calif., asked the three auto chiefs seated at the witness table before him to raise their hands if they had come to Washington on commercial airliners. No hands went up. Then he asked if any planned to sell their corporate jets. Again, no hands went up.

Sherman and Rep. Gary Ackerman, D-N.Y., told the auto executives they were having a hard time justifying to their constituents bailing out companies whose chiefs fly around in expensive private jets.

Ackerman said there was "a delicious irony in seeing private jets flying into Washington D.C. and people coming off them with tin cups in their hands."

Waiting on the sidelines

Waiting on the sidelines as I had to take some heavy loss for meeting a margin call. Lesson learned and not forgotten. In the meantime, I am just relishing my eyes with some beauties in red(and other colors) than straining them by looking more at that negative graph of market thats been red for I don't know how long. I want to short stocks but I feel things are so oversold - For now, I am just trying to read and learn as much as I can.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Come on McCain, what were you thinking?

There are lots of news about how McCain camp is angry with Palin but seriously, what were they thinking :)? For god's sake she was third in Miss Alaska, obviously people were enamored by her beauty, and she didn't have much political experience. Come on, don't tell me McCain camp didn't see this coming -

  • So they opted instead for a candidate who reportedly once addressed McCain aides wearing nothing but a towel and another on her wet hair, Newsweek reported. (Now that's HOT)
  • Newsweek reported that Palin was told she could buy three suits and hire a stylist, but that she instead started shopping for her family at top clothing stores, and also used the credit cards of low-level staffers to do some of the shopping.(Come on - this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. How can anyone be so naive to miss it?)
  • including even more designer duds, plus sprayed-on tans and fancy underwear. On top of the $150,000 first outlined in Federal Election Commission filings, Palin spent "tens of thousands of dollars" on additional clothing, makeup and jewelry for herself and her family, including $40,000 in luxury goods for her husband, Todd, our colleague Michael Shear reports. The campaign was charged for silk boxer shorts, spray tanners and 13 suitcases to carry all the designer clothes, according to two GOP insiders. (She\her husband must be a fan of Kramer(seinfeld) - )
  • She didn't accept preparation for that interview and the aides say that that was part of the problem. And there were times that she was hard to control emotionally - there's talk of temper tantrums at bad news clippings," (yeah, like that's a surprise - come on, that's a universal truth - Ask Bill Clinton if you don't believe me)
  • An angry aide, quoted in Newsweek, described the shopping spree as "Wasilla hillbillies looting Neiman Marcus from coast to coast"(And what did you do, wait for that towel moment again?)
  • "Her staff didn't know the name of the French President,"(Yeah, and whats next? Belgium, uruguay? Couldn't you get better staff for her?)
  • We're told she didn't understand that Africa was a continent rather than a country just in itself
  • Cameron also said she was unaware who the members of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) were, or that the United States - along with Canada and Mexico - was one of them.(Big deal - many westerners dont k
  • now India is part of Asia - Ask around)
  • Ms Palin taking a prank call from a Canadian radio comedian claiming to be President Nicolas Sarkozy of France, during which she remarked she could be America's leader "maybe in eight years". - Now that's PRICELESS.
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Thursday, November 6, 2008

BHI - Bought call

I know this is might not be the time to go long but I have hard time finding the stocks that are good short opportunities in already beat up market.(Too bad I didn't have time in the morning.) Yes, I know the fundamentals don't matter in this market but still...
I just bought bhi Nov 35 call for 1.25 (bhikg) - Hey, it was 50% sale on yesterday's price.

UPDATE - Sold bhi Nov 35 call for 1.8


Sold DEC 2008 30.0000 PUT for 3.5. No short positions currently. CHRW seems attractive though. I do look like an idiot for buying back sol again at 7.9. What was I thinking? One successful trade way too many...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Sold bhi Nov 35 call for 2.55 for some quick profit


Covered rest of my chrw position at 52.95. Yes, it might still go down but I am just cutting my losses.